Mothers Day 2015

To children who have lost mamas, and mamas who have lost children. To the moms of broken homes, who split time with their children. To the children of incarcerated moms, and moms of incarcerated children. To the children of abusive moms. To children who have been cut off by their moms, or who have cut themselves off out of self-preservation. To women who want to be mothers. To women who struggle to get pregnant. To women who want nothing to do with motherhood. To women who mother children they did not birth. To stepmoms. To families with two dads and no moms, and to families with multiple moms. To trans moms. To queer parents who can’t or won’t fit in a binary holiday. To the many moms and children whose relationships are fraught. To all those I am inevitably forgetting.

To my sister Talia, who loved our Mama fiercely, and to Mama, who loved Talia. I miss her every day. To Jaclyn and Adie and Abi and Tsion, who have all lost mothers. I am so glad you’re here, so glad we are siblings. What a complicated holiday.

To Mama, who has always understood my intensity, who still knows better than me when my body needs food or rest, who picks up the phone for every crisis, whose love and understanding has helped me flourish. I love you. I wish Talia were here, too.


About rayajen

I am a high-strung, fast-talking introvert. I was raised (and live) in the Pacific Northwest, in a loud, Jewish family. I love trees, and tea, and words. My sister, Talia, died in February, 2014, at the age of 23, and now I carry that loss, that identity. I am Talia’s sister. Please feel free to share my work, but link back to my page, or contact me with questions. I can be reached at
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One Response to Mothers Day 2015

  1. Amy says:

    I always think of your family on holidays and mourn Talia’s absence. Thank you for sharing.

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